Sean Orr: Celtic Music from Ireland, Scotland, Texas,
Sean has two different ensembles for Celtic Music.

Sean Orr & Celtic Texas
A regular at B.D. Riley's Irish Pub, this is the Full Monty with drums and bass complementing the typical fiddle and guitar.  Great for festivals, clubs, or any event where you want to ramp up the "craic".

Sean Orr &
                                            Celtic Texas

Sean Orr & His Imaginary Band
This is the more "trad" setup typically with a bodhran instead of a drum-set.  Good for all occasions, particularly where lower volumes are required yet there is no sacrifice of spirit and energy.  Check them out most Sunday afternoons at Fado Irish Pub.


Sean Orr &
                                                His Imaginary Band

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The Players
The Austin Texas is area is unique to most other areas in the country. Most musicians here typically play with several bands, not just one.  Schedule conflicts are a fact of life. Thus I have assembled a team of talented players who can play expertly to insure there is a full roster for all jobs.

Sean Orr
Sean Orr: Fiddle, Vocals, Bodhran, Guitar
Sean learned to sing and play the fiddle in the honky tonks and dance halls across the state of Texas. As time went on that expanded to neighboring states and then most of the country. He got involved in Celtic music after moving to Austin and taking advantage of the diverse musical culture that exists there. After a considerable tenure with the Celtic Rock band Pubcrawler, Sean has set out on his own and remains a favorite in Pubs and private venues across Central Texas. In recent years Sean has played festivals in Canada and Europe as well many in Texas. He also had the privilege to represent Texas playing the fiddle at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.
Ryan Beavers
Ryan Beavers: Guitar
Ryan studied music at The University of Texas and is veteran of the Celtic supergroup Cluan before joining up with Sean.  An adept player, he can play just about anything you throw at him.
Glenn Rios
Glenn Rios: Drums & percussion
Glenn provides the power beat for Celtic Texas but can also emulate the bodhran on his cajon when called to play with the Imaginary Band.  He is a veteran of the Celtic group Poor Man's Fortune.  He is also and expert recording engineer.
Charlie Branch
Charlie Branch: Guitar, Irish Bouzouki, Vocals
Charlie is fixture of the Irish music scene in Central Texas.  He is a veteran of Cluan and present member of The Tea Merchants.  Charlie has a great ear for chord arrangements and can often jump in to play at tune he has never heard.   He is the regular guitarist in The Imaginary Band
Mark Stone
Mark Stone: Bodhran, Vocals, iPad
Mark gives The Imaginary Band it's unique sound.  He got his start in Irish music with the All-Ireland winning band, St. James's Gate. He is best known for his work with the renowned Irish fiddler, James Kelly and guitarist Zan McLeod.  He also has one of the best bodhran instructional CDs our there.  Now teaming up with Sean, he is not to be missed. 
Brian Lux
Brian Lux: Upright Bass
This is Brian's first venture into Celtic music.  He provides the thump & drive for Celtic Texas.  He has a proud history in the Rockabilly Scene having played all over the USA as well as Europe.
James Fitzsimmons
James Fitzsimmons: Guitar, Vocals, Drums
Our man Seamus!  James is the Frontman for Black Irish Texas but often lends his talents for Sean.   He and Sean often perform as a duo swapping songs and tunes.  His unique perspective on music and life make it always fun when he is on board. 
Daithi Arwine
Daithi (Davey) Arwine:  Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
A native of County Fermanagh, Daithi has forgotten more songs than Sean knows.  A repository of Irish songs, he can sing for hours without a repeat.  An expert conversationalist, it's never boring when Daithi is on board.

Larry Fortson
Larry Fortson: Uilleann Pipes, Highland Pipes, Whistles. 
The original member of the Imaginary Band.  T'is a treat indeed when Larry joins us for some tunes.